The Younger Me

My brother recently bought a program that lets him copy VHS tapes on to DVDs and so, as a result, he’s been copying our precious and dangerously banged-up home movies on to DVDs these past few weeks. One tape in particular is my favorite: it features my great-grandmother Helen laughing her head off as my dad teases her, it features my brother and I building blocks to John Lennon’s “Beautiful Boy” only to have the scene devolve into fratricidal warfare, and it features a trip to Disney World complete with parade footage. Here, for your viewing pleasure, is a clip of me showing off the vegetables we planted in our backyard. This is when we lived in Oceanside, NY and planting vegetables in your backyard was something you could do:

And as a bonus, here’s footage of my brother, Michael, telling a story while eating an Entenman’s chocolate donut. The chocolate donut means it’s blog appropriate because it’s related to food. Plus he’s really cute:

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