The Strange Case of Milk and Cereal

Don’t ask me how I discovered this. Only accept that I’ve stumbled upon a mad mad world, a world that involves two notable, frequently linked food items and a highly highly repetitive song. It is a world, I believe, that has not yet been uncovered by a foodblogger. Welcome to the world of milk and cereal.

Here is what I know:

These two guys shot a video of themselves lip synching to G. Love’s “Milk and Cereal” while displaying a box of cereal (Apple Cinnamon Cheerios) and a gallon of milk. You can watch it here but be careful: it’s flash and it comes on loud. (You should watch it, though, before watching the later ones. The later ones won’t make sense otherwise.)

So that video is endearing, the guys have energy. (And one is shirtless.) So what’s the fuss? Why is it worth covering on this here highly esteemed food blog? What’s the big deal?

Go to YouTube. Type in Milk and Cereal and prepare to be shocked. These two guys have started a cultural phenomenon. Don’t believe me? Click below for a Milk and Cereal video barrage…

First, behold the Asian version of Milk and Cereal. It has been viewed 97,502 times:

Then there’s the black version. It has been viewed 69,000 times and features Frosted Flakes:

The Indian version has Cheerios and a Lance Armstrong bracelet:

The Asian Girl version features Fruit Loops and Soy Milk (but no shirtlessness):

The young white guy version uses Rice Krispies and a more innovative approach:

The German Version (is it really German? There’s beer, aka: German Milk):

The Brazilian version has Brazilian cereal and milk:

Then there’s the Japanese Anime version:

And the Claymation version:

And the, ummmm, scary monster from a video game version?

The horror movie version is genuinely scary (I only watched the first three seconds):

And finally, the school bus version:

Should I be praised for my investigative journalism or am I way behind the times? Either way, for those of you who didn’t know about it, I hope you enjoyed my pulling back the curtain on a secret world, a world of milk and cereal, milk and cereal, milk and cereal, cereal and milk.

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