This Coconut Spice Cake Doesn’t Taste Much Like Coconut But I Suppose, In The End, It Tastes Pretty Good

In the Caribbean issue of “Bon Apetit” is a recipe for Coconut Spice Cake. I’m sure it’ll appear soon (if it hasn’t appeared already) on (which, by the way, has a blog that links to me!) I love Epicurious, I enjoy Bon Apetit quite a bit but this recipe is just all right with me. Like Jesus in that song. Here’s what it looks like before it bakes:


And here’s what it looks like after:


Hey, do you like the way that 2nd picture looks? I edited it with the new iPhoto instead of Photoshop and took “sharpening” to the highest level. I think it looks cool.

Anyway, this tastes like pumpkin bread without the pumpkin with coconut sprinkled on top. If that appeals to you, please make it with my blessing.

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