Sing For Your Supper

I feel terrible I haven’t posted in so many days. My last post was about a breakfast I made over a week ago. As you may recall, I’m deep in the process of revising my masters thesis. As of tonight, I’ve finished revising the first act and now I’m tearing into the second. But my poor readers: what are you to do in the meantime? Tonight I posed a question to myself: what is worse for the Amateur Gourmet audience—feeling my silence or hearing me sing? I’ve decided that if it comes down to it you’d rather hear me sing. The deal is sweetened when you add my dear friend Lisa who is a far far better singer than I am. Here we are singing the song she and I sang when we first met each other over EIGHT YEARS ago. You see, she lived in my dorm and there was a piano downstairs and our friends were like: “Adam plays the piano! Lisa sings! They should perform for us!” And this was one of our favorite songs to do. Ladies and gentlemen, the inspirational RED RUBBER BALL.

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