Many of you may have read my Del Posto review a few posts down. What many of you may not know is that yesterday the strangest, scariest thing in the WORLD happened to me. I was walking my usual walk on Waverly, towards Washington Square Park, when I realized I was standing in front of Babbo. I took the time, as I usually do, to study the menu when the front door opened (this was the afternoon, so the restaurant wasn’t open yet) and who should come out but Mario Batali and Joe Bastianich! I played it cool, a bit terrified. I mean what are the odds they ever saw what I wrote? And even if they did, what are they odds they would recognize me from my banner photo? Well, before I could exhale and walk away I hear Joe say to Mario: “There’s that motherf*cker who wrote that review.” “This guy?” said Mario. I started spinning on my heels, preparing my exit, when I see a giant orange clog come towards my face. The next thing I know my nose is bleeding and I’m on the ground. I wake up and there all these strangers around me. When they ask me what happened I tell them…


Haha, oh my God you should’ve seen the look on your face. I can’t believe you fell for that.

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