Florida Does Have The Best Orange Juice

I’ll give Florida this: I love the orange juice.

Near our house in Boca Raton, is a grove called Blood’s Groves. Here are the oranges you will see there:


On Thursday, I went to my dad the dentist for a cleaning. Because I brush too vigorously, I also needed some bonding. Here’s dad and his assistant Nancy bonding my teeth:


And here’s my brother at Blood’s Groves:


He was there with his girlfriend Tali while dad was blowing cold air on my gums. Where would you rather be?

But kind brother that he is, when I got home he and Tali presented me with fresh Florida orange juice (and grapefruit juice, which I don’t drink):


And true my mouth was still sore and tattered, but I couldn’t resist a glass. My mom used to call Florida orange juice “liquid gold” and I think she has a point. On the New York vs. Florida scorecard, fresh orange juice wins Florida 8 points. [It loses 3, though, for its invasive dental procedures.]

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