Dos Chicas at Dos Caminos

Patty and I haven’t seen each other in ages. We made a lunch date for Thursday and Diana tagged along. They were going to see a movie at the Sunshine that started at 3 and they asked me to suggest a restaurant close by. At first I was going to push Fatty Crab, but that wasn’t close by. After doing some research I discovered Dos Caminos on Houston and West Broadway. “That’ll work,” said Patty and off we went to meet.


It was freaky how warm things were last week, and I’m sort of grateful for the miserable cold weather we’re having now. It’s winter as winter should be. But on super warm Thursday, Patty arrived on her bicycle. Patty bicycles everywhere. Most notably from her home in Brooklyn to NYU on a regular basis.

Diana soon arrived and we all made our way inside…

Dos Caminos wasn’t very crowded on Thursday. They seated us all the way in the very back booth, in an overheated section. I faced a mirror and Patty and Diana faced me. It was like an Ingmar Bergman film. (Ok, I’ve never seen a Bergman film but I’ve seen Woody Allen’s parodies of Bergman.)

Anyway, Dos Caminos is famed for its guacamole. “It’s the best guacamole in New York,” say many people who post on foodie message boards. So we ordered that immediately.

Soon after, the waiter returned with a giant stone statue filled with the stuff.


We dipped light, salty chips into the chunky mix of avocados, tomatoes and cilantro. It was definitely very fresh, but not any more extraordinary than guacamole I’ve made myself.

“I think guacamole can only be so good,” I postulated. The chicas agreed.

For my entree, I had a fish taco.

“Haha, Adam said fish taco.”

Who’s that?

“Your 4th grade bully.”


Anyway, it was a spicy tuna taco served with black beans and rice:


All of this was very successful. The taco was spicy but not so spicy as to make me miserable, and the fish was well prepared. The beans had something in them I couldn’t quite place and when I asked the waiter told me what it was but I can’t remember now. Whatever it was, Patty said it’s supposed to reduce flatulence.

My favorite part of the meal, though, was the dessert we shared. Fondue!


Lisa has a theory about Nutella that I think applies equally well to fondue. “You can dip feces in Nutella and it would still taste good.” Same for fondue!

“Ummm, Adam stop dipping feces in there,” said Patty.

She and Diana stuck toothpicks in their desired dipping objects:


And then dipped them into the chocolate, white and dark side by side:


“The churros are my favorite,” declared Patty at the end.

I liked the passion fruit marshmallows.

And so our meal at Dos Caminos came to end. Personally, I don’t think it’s worth the money. Lots of debate ensues about whether there’s good Mexican food in New York. The Mexican food here is fine, but it’s nowhere near as good as what you can get at a much simpler place like Loteria in L.A. But then again, this isn’t L.A. and Loteria doesn’t have fondue. But then again again, you can just melt chocolate at home and dip things in it. But then again again again…

“I’m going to smack you!”

It’s my 4th grade bully. I better stop.

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