**WORLD PREMIERE** The Paris Films: “J’Eat Paris” & “David Lebovitz in Paris”

December 26, 2005 | By | COMMENTS

It is with great honor and self-aggrandizement that I present to you two of the greatest films to hit the internet since Pamela Anderson uttered the words, “Tommy Lee, I do.”

Dragging a video camera through Paris takes work and effort, and here is the product of that work and effort. The first film–”J’Eat Paris”–stars John (on the right), his brother Chris, and myself as we eat our way across Paris.

The second film features the renowned David Lebovitz as he treats us to one of his much sought-after chocolate tours, but starting with a tour of his favorite Paris market. The man is a consummate professional.

David expressed concern over my choice of music, but I think I handled that issue nicely. These films, if not future Oscar winners, will certainly survive as my own special, personal souvenirs from a fantastic trip. Hope you enjoy them too.

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  • scott

    golden globe worthy, at least! what’s the music from the first one?

  • aurora

    yay! i loved both films, but i very much preferred the music in the first one. funny stuff…. thanks for the vicarious trip to paris!

  • http://fabulouscheesebabe.blogspot.com Grommie

    The music of David’s film makes it a bit difficult to understand everything he says but it was still a great film. Thanks Adam, I’ll bet it was amazing to hang out with David Lebovitz.

  • http://inpraiseofsardines.typepad.com/blogs/ Brett

    Great flicks! Very fun seeing all the markets and shops of Paris. Thanks.

  • Jen

    Great films! Your friend John is so cute.

  • AdamH

    Compliments to the videographer! Very fun to watch. Was some of the music you used from Amelie? It sounded familiar.

  • Carlos

    Nice films! Glad that you included music from Amelie in the 2nd one.

  • gaelyn

    yay for amelie music! and the hip hop! and the first stuff! but i have to tell you that amelie and chocolate have a lot of dominance in mylfie so i really appreciated the mix.

  • gaelyn

    yay for amelie music! and the hip hop! and the first stuff! but i have to tell you that amelie and chocolate have a lot of dominance in mylife so i really appreciated the mix.

  • Kelly

    Loved the music and the films! Made me homesick for France. Glad you had fun!

  • http://www.fewofmyfavourites.blogspot.com Cin

    Hi Adam, Looks like I missed you by a few days- it would have been great to meet you while holidaying in Paris. It’s a pity that you didn’t enjoy L’Atelier cos we had a great meal there. Catch you some other time!

  • http://www.manilamayhem.blogspot.com aviva

    I came across your blog through Ruth. Love your writing and your pics and always love a fellow foodie.

    Happy New Year. Sounds like a wonderful trip to Paris. Were the felafel good?

  • http://www.foolforfood.de Claudia

    Great films! You would be winners of the first food blogger academy awards. I wish I could have accomanied you in Paris!