Paris in ONE WEEK

It boggles the mind to think that one week from today–at this very moment–I will be on a plane to Paris. This is probably the most spontaneous, independent trip I’ve ever taken. I wish I had time to plan more, to research everything, but this is also my last week of school for the semester. I hand everything in Tuesday and leave Wednesday. Stress! Stress! Stress!

Today I purchased Adam Gopnik’s “From Paris to the Moon” which I plan to read in the next seven days. I also bought Hemingway’s “A Movable Feast” and the Michelin Green Guide to Paris. Does anyone have any other books they recommend or ways to prepare before departure? I think I need to buy plug adaptors.

Also: I had a few e-mails from people living in Paris who want to meet me. That might be lots of fun—I’m just ignorant right now as to where I’ll be, how I’ll be reachable, what I’ll be doing each day. My suggestion is this: if you live in Paris and you’d like to meet me, even if you e-mailed me about it, just leave a comment below. I’ll send all Parisian responders a mass e-mail and maybe we can work out amongst ourselves a place and a time for us to all get together. Then you can teach me everything you know about Paris and I can teach you everything I know about America by choreographing you all in “America” from West Side Story. Bring your maracas.

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