Linkage #2: Give Me Some Food

How many food bloggers’ beds have I slept in? Hmmm. Well as much as I tried to seduce Clotilde when she was here visiting; and as much as Derrick and Melissa tried to woo me over after dinner; and as much as Pim and Heidi keep inviting me to their “Annual Bay Area Three-Way,” the true answer is really one.

Which food blogger’s bed have I slept in?

Why a new one’s: Kristen Lo of Give Me Some Food.

Let me explain. The summer after my sophomore year, I subletted Kristen’s apartment while she was back home in California. So technically I slept in her bed for three months without her in it. But it’s still slightly scandalous, isn’t it?

Ok, maybe not. So let’s focus on her blog. I think it’s lots of fun and that’s because I think Kristen’s lots of fun. A brilliant actress (I recall her vividly in Emory’s production of “The Master Builder”) and a great spirit in general (warm, funny, and bright) Kristin promises to be a big, shining star on the foodblogging scene. Go over and visit and read about serving raw pork and raging over chewing gum. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Congratulations, Kristen, on your blog: now everybody go read it.

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