Get Me Back on Google, Please

I don’t need to tell you that Google is the most powerful web searching tool in town. I use it for everything: phone numbers, random information, pictures, restaurant reviews, recipes. And it used to be that if you Googled certain terms–cupcake, rhubarb, bra stuffing–my website would come up high on the list. Now my website doesn’t come up at all. That’s because more than a month ago, Google completely dropped me. No matter what you type in their search engine–even if you type “Amateur Gourmet”–you won’t find a direct link to my site in the results.

This is sort of devastating because more than 50% of my hits, back when I was on Google, came from Google. And though I’m still doing well, not being on Google is sort of like losing a kidney. Sure, I’ll still live without that kidney but I’m that much closer to death.

I started a correspondence with Google these past few weeks which concluded with the following e-mail from them:

Hi Adam,

Thank you for your reply. We strongly encourage you to review our

Webmaster Guidelines at If you

make changes to your site to comply with these guidelines, please let us



The Google Team

The subject of the e-mail was “Re: [#372636XX] (SPAM: 7.238) Re: Dropped From Google.”

I’ve studied the Webmaster Guidelines and I have no idea what I’m violating. The fact that the subject has “Spam” in it makes me think they think I’m spamming the internet somehow.

So I turn to you, my savvy readers, to help me get back on Google. I defer to your superior knowledge of search engine politics and pray that you have more insight into this than I do. Hopefully, together, we can get me back on Google and when we do we’ll celebrate by bringing our laptops to a central wireless location and Googling food related material into the wee hours… Oh the fun we’ll have… Thanks in advance.

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