Homemade Pasta Near The Movies: Via Emilia

Going to see “Proof” the other night on 17th and Broadway, my companion and I were in the Tom Collichio district: Craft, Craftbar, the former home of ‘Wichcraft.* [*Hey! You know how I’m also raving about how much I love ‘Wichcraft? Well it’s not there anymore. Sure it’s in Bryant Park and somewhere else but no longer near me. I am mad!] [Hey, can someone teach me how to do HTML so that if someone clicked that initial * a tiny textbox would open with the text: “Hey! You know…”?] Anyway: Craft and Craftbar are way too expensive for a pre-movie dinner.

We wandered over to 5th Ave. and spotted a cute Italian joint, Via Emilia:


Now I’m going to confess something to you. See those blurbs and articles taped to the glass outside the restaurant? I’m a sucker for those. If those weren’t up, I’d probably have insisted we go somewhere else. I need confirmation that a place is worth eating at. Either there are blurbs taped to the window or I’ve researched it online or I’ve heard about it by word of mouth. But I’d very very rarely just wander in somewhere without knowing anything about it unless the food looked amazing.

Luckily, these blurbs proved prescient. (Am I using prescient right?) The food here was very solid. The pasta’s homemade. Check it out: seafood spaghetti.


This reminded me of a similar dish we ate in Sardinia only not quite as good. The mussels here were a bit gross and there was some sand near one of the scallops. But the spaghetti was homemade so I liked that. And for a cheap meal (this wasn’t expensive at all) near a movie theater, you could do a lot worse than Via Emilia. So check it out and go see “Proof.” It’s a solid interpretation of the play which most people didn’t have the chance to see. The Act One closer which comes halfway through the movie still gives me chills. Want proof? Go see it!

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