Gourmet Survivor II, The FINAL BATTLE: William vs. Jason

It’s all led to this. Four weeks and several thousand dollars later, atop a heap of broken hearts and dirty dishes, William and Jason stand ready to do their final battle. The instruction was simple: make any New Orleans’ dish you’d like, only make it great and wildly impressive. That they did. In case you don’t know the procedure, read their entries by clicking the pictures below and then vote for your favorite here by donating $5 per vote (a $20 donation is suggested) and putting the name of the person you’re voting for IN THE COMMENTS. [Otherwise it doesn’t count.] Remember all money raised goes to the American Red Cross disaster relief fund. You have until Tuesday night at 10 PM. Much thanks to all the participants, coaches and voters. If you have a blog, why not link to this final battle so we can raise as much money as possible? And without further ado, here’s the final battle: William vs. Jason. May the best man win.



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