Frappuccino Alternatives: Godiva’s Blended Chocolate Drink

I was at the Time Warner Center today, shopping around at Borders and Williams Sonoma (I was low on my favorite olive oil which became my favorite because it’s the Barefoot Contessa’s favorite: Olio Santo) when I passed Godiva and noticed their blended chocolate drink advertised in the window. Price? $4.50. Compared to the price of a frappuccino, it’s right in the ballpark. And I don’t get frappuccinos anymore, but there was a time that I did so I could totally justify the expense. Plus, my cholesterol results aren’t in yet, this might be my last opportunity to have something this decadent on a whim. (Haha! Yeah right!) So I ordered up the milk chocolate one and watched the blender whir. The woman asked if I wanted whipped cream. Ummmm…duh! Here’s what I got for my $4.50:


I have to say, it tasted pretty great. Better, to my mind, than a frappuccino because frappuccinos are either too icy or too sweet and the coffee in them is kind of chemical and here the chocolate tasted kind of pure. Real bits of chocolate were in there and they made me happy. So be a diva and Godiva today.

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