A Succinct Survivor Summary

My mom said today that all these Gourmet Survivor rules are too much for her to read. She doesn’t really get it. I imagine that may be true for many of you too—I was so concerned about covering all the bases, I forgot to keep it simple and therefore I am stupid. So here’s a very simple breakdown of how this works.

(1) There is a photo scavenger hunt. You have ’til Sunday to play. You take pictures of you with up to 50 objects and post them on Flickr. Then you go to the donation page, donate $10 and in the comments for your donation put the link to the Flickr page you made. Four winners will be announced Sunday night.

(2) These four winners will be paired with four food blogging coaches. (Unfortunately one of our coaches can no longer do it (Louisa of Movable Feast, for those keeping track)—I’m working on a replacement!) The coaches will advise the players on how to best cook whatever they have to cook for each competetive cooking round. They will also host the player’s submissions on their sites.

(3) There will be three competetive cooking rounds. Each round will require the contestants to cook a New Orleans staple dish. Readers will vote for their favorite entries by donating $5 on the donation page and saying who their favorite was in the comments next to their contribution. Every $5 = 1 vote. If you donate $20 that equals 4 votes. It’s that easy!

After three rounds, we’ll be left with one winner. I will send them a cookbook of their choice and maybe more! But remember, the reason we’re doing this is to help Katrina victims. Which is why I want as many of you as possible to participate in the scavenger hunt! Even if you just take one picture of yourself with pepper on your head, your $10 will really help people in need. Tonight we had our first submission. Look how much fun this guy had:




This is Jason Sholar’s Flickr page and he gets 20 points for turning it in tonight. He was the only one! Where are all the other overachievers in the group?

Actually, would you please post in the comments here whether or not you’re going to participate? We need at least 10 people to make this worthwhile! Thanks everyone. Happy scavenging.

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