What’s Pinocchio’s motivation in that pizza commercial?

Maybe it’s the drama school student in me, but I’m having trouble with the DiGorno pizza commercial that comes on all the time now. For those that haven’t seen it, Gipetto’s in his workshop with Pinocchio and he says something like, “Pinocchio if you tell one more lie you’ll never become a real boy.” Then Pinocchio presents a pizza and Gipetto says, “Which delivery is this?” Here’s where I’m troubled. Pinocchio stammers and says…”ummmm…it’s the one down the street…ya…the one we always order from…” and his nose gets big we learn it’s DiGorno pre-made pizza dough.

Why can’t Pinocchio tell the truth? What’s his motivation here? Why is he ashamed that he MADE a pizza? Shouldn’t it be the other way around? Like it’d make sense if Pinocchio always made pizza for Gipetto and one night he ordered in because he was lazy and then Gipetto could be like, “Mmm this tastes a little different, how did you make it?” and then Pinocchio could stammer and be like, “Uhhh…I used canola oil instead of vegetable oil.” It could be a Pizza Hut commercial.

But it’s not a Pizza Hut commercial. It’s a DiGorno commercial and I think they’re going about things all wrong. Why do they associate their pizza with shame and lies? I do like the closing line though. Gipetto mutters: “I should’ve made a coffee table.”

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