Oh Who Makes The Pizza in My Neighborhood? Waldy’s Does!

As I flipped through New York Magazine’s “Eat Cheap” issue (which you can read here) I was surprised–actually shocked–to see listed a pizza joint called Waldy’s. Why was I shocked? Because the street address was right in my neighborhood and I’d never seen this place before. Waldy’s? There’s no such place! This is a lie!

I ran out my door, rode the elevator down, and up the street to “Waldy’s” apparent location. We’ll see if there’s a pizza place here, I thought to myself. And there it was:


How had I missed this? Did my vision decide to block Waldy’s out of my perception to protect me from something I didn’t know about? Or was Waldy’s like one of those secret places you had to know about, like the Forge in Miami that doesn’t have a sign out front? (Theory two, obviously, has some holes. Hole #1: the picture above.)

I propositioned Lisa, who was at work, to join me for lunch at Waldy’s. According to New York magazine, Waldy is Waldy Malouf who comes from Beacon. I’m not sure what Beacon is, but he’s a “veteran chef” with “a confident hand” and he”tops his oval pizzas with ingredients a lesser pieman and teh VPN (Vera Pizza Napoletana) wouldn’t dream of: luscious braised lamb with roasted lemon and oregano. Arugula, garlic, and sunny side up eggs. Or clams, bread crumbs, and ricotta.”

Lisa and I ordered tamely partly because she’s a vegg-o and partly because those fancy pizzas in the preceding paragraph only come in full-pie portions and the less interesting ones (the ones we ordered) come in smaller portions. We ordered two and shared them. There was the mushroom pizza:


That pizza’s actually called “The Beacon” and according to the menu it was originally developed at Beacon Restaurant, 25 W. 56th St. (I guess that tells us what The Beacon is. Or at least where it is.) The other pizza we had was the classic Margherita: Mozzarella and Basil.


Both these pizzas were really enjoyable partly because of the toppings and more-than-partly because of the wood-burning oven. It gave a great woody flavor to the crust which was nice and crusty. The portion sizes were right and the price was reasonable too. Would I come from a far outer borough to sample this pizza? No. Would I go out my door and down the block to sample this pizza? Absolutely. And of course full judgment must be reserved until I taste one of their more unusual pizzas. I’m excited for the clam one and the lamb one. Report to follow.

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