Great Moments in Musical Theater Featuring Eggs: Part Four, Quintet

August 17, 2005 | By | COMMENTS

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  • Jason Sholar

    bravo, bravo!!!

  • lisa

    Wonderful, wonderful! This is the best one yet. It made me laugh so hard.

  • Christine


    I laughed, I cried, those eggs are the voice of my generation.

    btw….did people on the street think you were totally insane filming a girl with a carton of eggs over her head?

  • Liondrae

    You guys is foo’s.

  • zeep

    encore!!!!! encore!!!

    i would start in with some egg puns here, but some people just can’t take a yolk. rock on AG.

  • daniela from LA

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  • s’kat


  • marianne

    I loved it…you guys are soooo sick. Beautiful!