Bathing in Butter: Pasta with Butter, Nutmeg and Parmesan AND Buttery, Oniony Peas

“When you get back to New York,” said my mother on the cruise, “We’re getting your cholesterol checked.”

“Ha!” I scoffed. “I am a gourmet! I don’t have cholesterol!”

I put that theory to the test tonight with the butteriest dinner ever. (Don’t you like the word “butteriest”?) What happened was I had a plan to see “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” but the plan didn’t include dinner. I had to throw something together fast and the only things I had handy were: 1/4 box of pasta, butter, Parmesan, nutmeg, frozen peas, and half a red onion. This would be a night of improvising.

So I started with the pasta. I cooked the pasta in rapidly boiling water, took it out just al dente, drained it and return it to the pot. Over low heat, I stirred in butter and grated some nutmeg over it. A little salt a little pepper and then some Parmesan. Into a bowl it went and I topped with more Parmesan. Behold!


May not look like much, but it was damn tasty. And buttery.

Somehow, though, just eating that would’ve left me feeling icky. I needed something green to round out the dinner. Hence the peas.

These peas have been in my freezer since the time I made “Pasta, Pesto and Peas” a while back. The wonderful thing about freezers is that freezers are wonderful things. And frozen peas when defrosted just enough taste really delicious. I can’t imagine fresh peas tasting MUCH better. (Cue the reactionaries!)

So I defrosted the peas and then heated butter in a skillet. I cut up this red onion I’d halved the other day. (Why did I halve it? I forget… Oh, was it my Greek salad? My that was a while back! Gross!)

I cooked the onion in the butter til it was tender and then added the peas. It looked like this:


Ok that picture’s kind of gross but check out the finished product:


That’s something you’d want to eat, isn’t it? The recipe I sort of copied it from (in the River Cafe cookbook) has you add prosciutto at the end and I can see how a pork product would add a smoky flavor. But if all you have is peas and butter and an onion, you can go a long way. As for my cholesterol, I’m sure I’m doing fine…I feel ok…nothing bad can ahso[aes[oyiash[o”yoahisy

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