The Inaugural Amateur Gourmet Podcast! (Wednesday Wade-Through #1)

Well how could I resist? Apple’s newest iTunes allows you publish podcasts which you can create on Garageband. For those not in the know, Podcasts are like homespun radio shows. Usually they’re music-based but why not a food based one? Enter moi. In this inaugural episode we tackle:

Julie Powell’s Op-Ed piece and Bruce Cole’s rebuttal.

Alaina’s sandwich post (though now I see it wasn’t Alaina who posted it, but Lia Bulaong!) Oops! Sorry ’bout that…


– New York Magazine’s Eat Cheap Issue.

So I’ll post it here and then I’ll set up a thing in iTunes for those who want to listen to it in iTunes. You’ll probably be able to find me there under Amateur Gourmet once I set everything up. As for now, though, you can just click below and listen to the mp3! Oh and please be forgiving: this is my first one!

Listen to “Wednesday Wade-Through Podcast #1.”

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