Krispy Kreme Conversion?

Dunkin’ Donuts and I have a long sordid history. When I lived in Atlanta, I couldn’t get good bagels (except for Bagel Palace but even those weren’t so good.) I’d leave my apartment and crave a place to sit and eat a bagel. The closest place, unfortunately, was Dunkin’ Donuts.

At first I thought those bagels were nasty. It tasted like chemicals and burning and I vowed never to go back. But back I went. The coffee was great and a bagel tastes better with a donut chaser. Eventually, I grew addicted to those sacreligious bagels (what self-respecting Jew eats a Dunkin’ Donuts bagel on a regular basis?!) and even more addicted to the donuts. A donut seems justifiable if you eat a bagel first. So each time I’d go back I’d try something new: the coconut, toasted coconut, vanilla-creme filled, strawberry frosted, vanilla frosted, sour cream. These were all my favorites.

Then I moved to New York and I’ve only been to Dunkin’ Donuts a few times here. It’s a nice reminder of my Atlanta life but the bagels are trumped by virtually every other bagel in the city and the donuts are, well, they’re still good. Doughnut Plant doughnuts (donuts?) are more exciting but that’s nowhere near where I live. So if I’m craving donuts, I usually turn to the Dunkin.

The other night, however, I was out on a date (yes a date! woohoo!) and after we went to see “Saving Face” in Chelsea we spied a Krispy Kreme across the street.

“You know I had Krispy Kreme a long time ago,” I said, “I wonder if I should give it another chance.”

“I love Krispy Kreme,” said the date. And in we went and we chose four donuts to provide a sampling of what Krispy Kreme has to offer. Here they are, going clockwise from the top: sugar, strawberry-filled, glazed, Boston Cream.


We proceeded to taste each one to get an overview.


My verdict?

These are better donuts (gasp!) than Dunkin’ Donuts. They’re fresher, less cakey, lighter and closer to what donuts were intended to be when Mr. Donut Inventor invented them. Of the four we tasted, the simplest ones were the best: the frosted and the sugar. The strawberry filled was nasty and the Bostom Cream was a little too decadent for my taste. But if I’m craving donuts in the future, to Krispy Kreme I shall go. And I know you Krispy Kreme enthusiasts will say: “Did you have it when the HOT sign was on? Because that’s the best!” And I did have it in the long ago past but now that I’m a Krispy Kreme Convert I must go back and get one while it’s hot.

And as for you, Dunkin’ D, we had lots of fun together, didn’t we? Remember that time I came in there and slipped on the floor because I didn’t see the “Wet Floor” sign? Neither do I. But I loved our time together and I still love your coffee. I’ll come back for that, I promise. And for bagels if I want a taste of the past. But we both know I’ve changed, this isn’t good for either of us is it. No. And it’s not your mustache or the way you say “Time To Make the Donuts” every morning. It’s me. I’m a new person. You need to accept that and move on. I want donuts that are hotter…fresher…lighter… No I’m not calling you fat. Ok, maybe you’re a little fat. I really have to go…

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