FAREWELL FOR TWO AND A HALF WEEKS! (Plus: Who’ll wear these shoes? Substitute Gourmet Revealed!)

Dear Readers,

To quote Kit-Kat: I deserve a break today. Tomorrow I leave for two and a half weeks, travelling through Europe with my family. Loyal readers already know my plans: we start in Venice then move through Croatia, Greece, Monaco and wind up in Rome. Even though I may have internet access, I”m not planning on blogging until I return.

So whatever will you do these next two and a half weeks? Whoever will you turn to for ineptitude in the kitchen?

Never fear! I will now announce our interim blogger, someone you know and love from Pumpkin Cake singalongs, Celebrity mockery, and hardcore eating tours. She’s peppy, funny, and she knows this website’s password: give a warm hand for LISA!!!


Lisa shall keep you entertained with cooking adventures and whacky escapades until I get back! So please treat her with respect and love and accept her as a temporary me minus the glasses and the sexual deviancy.

Hope everyone has a great two and a half weeks and I can’t wait to tell you all about my trip when I get back!

Much love,

Adam “The Amateur Gourmet”

PS I was tired of all the e-mail spam at my main account, so I just created a Gmail account for Amateur Gourmet e-mail. Can you guess what it is? Ready? It’s amateurgourmet AT gmail DOT com. (You can access it through my About Me page.) I usually write back to all my e-mails, but don’t be insulted if you don’t hear for me for the next 18 days! Arrivederci!

PPS Oh! I forgot to tell you where I ate dinner tonight. It was raining and lightning so my grandparents wanted to eat close: we went to the Olive Garden! It was sort of perfect: why not eat the most homogenized Americanized fake Italian food you can before going to eat the real thing? (Does Italy have limitless breadsticks and bottomless salad bowls?) Ok Arrivederci for real this time!

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