Day 1: What To Do? By Lisa

Well. We’ve done it. We’ve finally gotten rid of grouchy. Now we can eat whatever we want. Yay!!

Before I went to bed last night I researched several recipes that I think are worthy of the Amateur Gourmet readership. What shall we start with?

Creme brule? A tasty treat, no doubt. Not too healthy though. I don’t think I feel like creme brule.

Beef tar-tar? I DON’T EAT MEAT YOU GUYS!!

Pasta primavera? Well, maybe another day.

Spicy Thai basil vegetarian duck? Now that sounds good. I could definitely go for that. I’m great at ordering it, but let’s get down to business and whip some up. OH NO!! Look at the time! Ack. It’s so late and I have to go to work! My alarm didn’t go off! There’s just no time to make spicy fake duck. I’ll never get the ingredients together in time! I’m starving! I need nourishment to get through the day! What can I get on the streets of New York? That fruit on the fruit cart looks like wax. Is there a starbucks in this city? I can’t find one anywhere! My roommate offered to make me some fried chinchilla, but again – the meat thing… So what do i feel like? I got it!!

Man! I feel like a bagel

(That leads into a song that you can play below in honor of the Thursday night dinner song tradition, but I’m not familiar with these fancy tools yet so I can’t make it pretty the way Adam does.)

Download man_i_feel_like_a_bagel.mp3

(Let me know if that doesn’t work)

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