Mediterranean Summer Plans Revealed

Dear Audience,

I’ve kept something from you. In less than two weeks I’m flying across the Atlantic Ocean to Venice where I begin a summer Mediterranean odyssey with my family. We are cruising for two and a half weeks and rumor has it that Judge Judy may be on our boat. But that’s irrelevant. There are two relevant bits here: (1) during those two and a half weeks (July 7th to the 24th) my internet access may be shoddy; I’ve done some investigating and the boat does have internet access for laptops but it’s really expensive, if I can blog here and there while at sea I’ll certainly try; (2) I’d like your advice on places to eat and see in the following ports of call:


– Venice, Italy

– Dubrovnik, Croatia

– Rhodes/Lindos, Greece

– Santorini/Thira, Greece

– Sorrento, Italy

– Sardinia/Porto Cervo, Italy

– Monte Carlo, Monaco

– Rome/Civitavecchia, Italy

Parisian forces are trying to convince me to make a side trip to gay Paree after the cruise is over, but after trying to make that work I realized all the planning would detract from my enjoyment of Mama Mediterranean. Plus I’d love to plan a full week in Paris, maybe for winter break. As it stands, though, can’t wait to eat my way through Italy, Greece, and Monaco. Looking forward to your tips!


Capt. Adam

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