Fooey on Fitness: Favor Funnel Cake

Oh Lord of Fitness, please take note: yesterday I dragged myself through the hot streets of Nueva York with a gym bag on my shoulder and I walked up the steps of the David Barton gym where I have a free month’s membership, scanned my card, boarded an eliptical and burnt away my fat–my evil evil fat!–with 20 very strenuous, very focused minutes. Ok, maybe I stumbled once or twice, maybe an earbud fell out of my ear, but I burnt–I believe–around 200 calories. 200 calories! That’s like half a muffin! But I burnt it your altar, oh Lord of Fitness. I wanted to feel the rapture! Instead I felt a craving… a craving for fried dough…


Admit it, you fitness freaks, this is tempting! You may have hard bodies, but I had pure bliss tonight. My bliss beats your bliss!

Tonight’s recipe comes to us from this month’s Saveur. I’m not going to reprint it because it’s SO generic I promsie you can find a similar version online: it’s just flour, sugar, baking soda, baking powder, salt, milk and an egg. If you are desperate for it, post a desperate comment and I will post it in the comments. The cooking process is easy easy. You don’t even need a funnel to make funnel cake. I used a freezer bag, cutting the corner off at the last minute. The oil is heated to 375 degrees (make sure you have a thermometer, because this is how you start fires you firestarters you.) Once there, I dropped in the dough:


Make sure to squeeze a bit and to swirl it all around so you build a network of doughy veins. My first time I didn’t do that and it all kind of fell apart. The second time, though, it looked like this:


As you can see it gets golden brown very fast. Cook about 30 seconds on each side and then remove to a paper towel. You’ll be proud to know I only made ONE despite all the batter I had. Sprinkle with powdered sugar, resign yourself to a fat cloud and imbibe one of life’s greatest pleasures. Fitness gods be damned!

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