Mother’s Day Surprise

Usually I make a big point to post on Sunday night so your manic work Mondays are filled with culinary escapism. Yesterday, though, I had a big excuse: I flew home to Florida to surprise my mom (and grandma) for mother’s day!

See, a week earlier my dad suggested that I come home and surprise mom. I told him I wasn’t sure if I could: I had final plays due, among other things, and that it wasn’t worth it because they (mom, dad, and brother Michael) would be coming to New York on Wednesday. Last we spoke, dad thought I’d given up on the idea.

Secretly, though, I booked a flight for Sunday at 1 pm, arriving at 4 pm. I called Michael and told him to pick me up—to lie to mom and say that he was buying her a present. I spoke to mom and grandma Sunday morning, wished them both happy mother’s days, and told them I was going to a big poker game Sunday night. Mom said: “I wish you could be here, but ok!”

So at 4 I arrived in Ft. Lauderdale, bought flowers in the airport, Michael drove us home to Boca Raton and… Well, luckily, Michael captured the whole thing on video. We just put this together for you. It is not food related, but it should keep you busy until the next food post. Enjoy! Happy Mother’s Day, mothers!

Watch “Mother’s Day Surprise” on Quicktime.

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