Posts I Start Posting And Change My Mind About

Some bloggers suffer from lack of inspiration. I actually suffer from the opposite: too many ideas. Sometimes I have to stop myself if I feel like what I’m writing is going to rowl people up in the wrong way. What follows are things I started and then stopped for fear of upsetting you fine people. In fact, I almost deleted this post just now after rereading what I wrote, but no…I will press on…you have the right to know!

– Cooking with Pope Ratzinger

– Race and Food. Why aren’t there any black food critics? (I stopped this one because apparently there are a few, but I’m still interested in how race and food culture intersect. Just never know how to approach it.)

– Let’s Talk About Eating Disorders (I started this one but Pancetta stopped me.)

– National Tomato Sauce Day (Actually, I may still do this.)

Ok, that’s it. This is your content for the day. I am busy with my last week and a half of school, so please be forgiving. All my best. – TAG

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