Do other food bloggers exercise?

It occurred to me the other day: do my peers in the foodblogging world exercise also? How do they eat such rich foods without exploding? I decided to e-mail a few of them to ask that very question. Here are their responses:

Bruce Cole of Saute Wednesday writes: “San Francisco is just one hilly street another. I run the ones with an ocean view at the top….”

Josh Friedland of The Food Section writes: “I really need to exercise more. The winter has killed my motivation to do anything, and I pretty much hate going to the gym. However, I did recently start taking some tennis lessons in one of those bubbled over courts and going to the gym twice a week (treadmill)

As soon as it warms up, I love to go bicycling and occasionally force myself to go running. I also will regularly take the subway a few stops farther than my workplace and walk through Central Park to work (a 40 minute walk) to get some exercise.

Pim Techamuanvivit of Chez Pim writes: “Exercise? What exercise? I am too busy eating!”

And, finally, we hear from Hillel Cooperman of TastingMenu who writes: “In a seated position extend your right hand 90 degrees in front of you. Lift the silver object. Place a weight on the object. Flex your arm at the elbow another 90 degrees. Move your head forward. Open your mouth. Insert the item on the silver object into your mouth. Close your mouth. Remove the silver object. Chew. Swallow.


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