A Brotherly Bleecker Street Night: Home, Rocco’s and Film Forum

I love Bleecker Street nights.

Let me explain.

When a friend, loved one or acquaintance asks me: “Where should we go for I dinner?” I frequently reply: “Let’s just go down to Bleecker street and find something.”

I say that because there are SO many options on Bleecker Street and in that area. I’m talking, basically, about Greenwich Village—I love eating in the Village. I’m constantly stumbling upon new places and loving them. There are many treats to be had on Bleecker street–the cashew bar at Amy’s bread, the pizza at Joe’s or John’s. Bleecker Street is my favorite food street in New York.

So tonight with my brother, who is here visiting (my parents may follow tomorrow depending on whether my dad beats his cold), I took him down to Bleecker and we strolled in the cold cold cold. (I’ve been triplifying my prose, lately, I’m not sure why why why).

“Which place do you like, Michael?” I asked.

“I want Chinese,” he replied.

“Ummm,” I said, “There’s no real Chinese around here. But pick one of these places.”

We looked at Po.

“This is owned by Mario Batali,” I said, “It was his first restaurant. It’s supposed to be great.”

He studied the menu on the outside. “Quail? Sweetbreads? No thanks.”

We were on Cornelia St. (my favorite side street off Bleecker) and after wandering past a few more places, we discovered Home:


“Look, Michael,” I said gleefully. “It’s Home! It’s like we’re eating at home! Let’s eat here!”

With a grumble, he ok-ed it.

Here is Michael:


He’s sitting in Home. Our waitress came over and said: “Let me tell you about the specials…” It was weirdly done because usually you say: “Hi, how are you tonight?” Or something on that order. She just jumped right into the specials.

But that’s ok, we’ll forgive her. The food was great. We shared a fried cornmeal coated oyster appetizer:


Michael ate his half bravely and seemed to enjoy it. I enjoyed mine.

Then, for my entree, I had the duck which had great accoutrements (quince sauce and a butternut squash side) but the duck itself was a little fatty:


Michael had the roasted chicken with garlicky greens, onion rings and homemade ketchup:


I thought his looked fannntastic and I confirmed that by eating some. It was. Even Michael thought so: “I don’t normally like American food,” he said, “but this is really good.”

So that was us at Home.

But the fun doesn’t stop there. We were on our way to Film Forum for a festival of Westerns, but first we stopped into Rocco’s pastry shop for some cannoli. Look at this display case!


How can you NOT love Bleecker Street?

I’d like to say Michael and I shared this cannoli, but please forgive us and our gluttony when I say we each had our own:


I don’t think I even need to tell you how good this was.

After that, it was a brisk walk down 6th Avenue to Houston where a big line already formed at Film Forum. We bought our tickets and went in to see Jimmy Stewart and Janet Leigh in The Naked Spur which was terrific. I took this picture going in:


I think it’s my most artistic shot yet. Maybe because I was so inspired by our night on Bleecker Street?

I’m telling you–those Bleecker Street nights. They’re the best.

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