What The Waitress Said About Coffee vs. Espresso After Dinner

In the below post on Le Quinze, I mention that our waitress told us something interesting about coffee vs. espresso after dinner.

So Lauren was debating a coffee vs. a cappucino. “I don’t want to be up all night, though,” she said, leaning towards the coffee.

“Well,” the waitress explained, “you have to understand” (she had a French accent) “caffeine dissolves in water—so the less water there is, the less caffeinated something is. So coffee is actually more caffeinated than espresso and therefore cappucino. Because there’s more water in coffee for the caffeine to dissolve in.”

We were all startled and thrilled by this revelation. We all ordered cappucinos. We felt that we were not as caffeinated as we would have been with cofffee. How do you feel about this, dear readers? Does this theory make sense? Or are the French dirty freedom/caffeine-hating bastards?

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