The Gory Death of My Canon Pureshot

Since the inception of this site (and for three years before it) I carried a battered silver Canon Pureshot in my pocket for the purposes of taking spontaneous pictures–mostly of food. I purchased the camera with money I raised as a waiter at Murphy’s Restaurant in Atlanta. I took it with me everywhere and the camera itself often inspired much of this site’s content. For example, if I saw something peculiar I’d snap a picture of it and when I got home I would remember to write about it. (I almost did that today or yesterday with something in some food store and now I forget what it was!)

Tonight I went to dump the pictures from my camera on to my computer. I turned the camera on. It was in “take picture mode.” I tried to slide the slider to “look at picture mode.” This is the mode it needs to be in for it to dump pictures on to my computer. Only the slider slid too easily. It wasn’t grabbing on to whatever made the camera shift modes. I grew frustrated. I pushed harder. No sliding. I pulled the slider off and saw metal slots.

This is where tragedy stems from stupidity. I stuck a pencil in to try to move it. Pencil bits broke off inside. Then I tried to use a pen. Then scissors. Then (most stupidly) a knife. This mutilated the internal slider bits. They’re all bent crazy and I still never got to “look at picture mode”–and now my camera is filled with pictures you’ll never see!

However, perhaps this is serendipitious. After all, it’s two weeks to my birthday—have the fates alligned in my favor? We all know that camera campaigning on this site was never greeted with much favor. Perhaps I can pester my family and other loved ones to chip in for a camera? If I do, what kind of camera should I get? I liked the pocket convenience of my Canon pureshot, but perhaps I should upgrade to something fancier–something that will yield splendiferous pics for my readers. Your input is much appreciated—the quicker the better. This site feels naked when it’s pictureless! Stop staring at its privates and help us out!

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