Soulmate Cookies

Do you believe in soulmates? I mean really.

I believe there are many people out there for us—there isn’t just one that we’re meant to find. (How else could we justify our threesomes?) I feel the same way about cookies. There isn’t just ONE cookie that will be your favorite cookie. You’ll encounter many amazing cookies in your lifetime. That’s what life’s all about, y’all.

But now I’ve changed my mind. There IS only one soulmate, because there is only one cookie. This is the cookie. It comes from A Spoonful of Sugar which I will visit now on a regular basis. (It is frustrating, however, because I had to convert everything from grams to cups. Stupid metric system!) Sorry, I love the metric system. I have nothing against it.

Laura Floyd pointed me to this recipe when I admired the cookies at Jacques Torres’s place. She was dead on—these cookies are JUST like those. Only I messed this batch up a bunch. But regardless of that, they were still terrific. Watch.

Ok, so first I had MAJOR brown sugar issues. The recipe require what I determined was 1 cup of brown sugar. My brown sugar was SOLID…SOLID AS A ROCK. (Name that 80s group!) So I used the recovery method printed on the side of the box. It said: put the brown sugar in a bowl, which I did. Then cover with 2 wet paper towels and plastic wrap.


Put in microwave on high for 1 minute and 30 seconds. Careful, the sugar will be hot.

Well I did and took the bowl out and uncovered it and the sugar was cold and still SOLID…SOLID AS A ROCK. (Seriously, name that 80s group). What I didn’t realize was that when I set the power to “high” I tried to set it to 10 and really only set it to 1. So I put it back in the microwave for another 1 minute and 30 seconds the right way but thinking that it wouldn’t get hot again because I’d just done it the right way, didn’t I?

No. You didn’t. Because this time the bowl was freaking hot and I peeled back the cover and saw this:


Yikes, I made caramel. Should I stop here? Should I not make cookies?

A lesser person would have said: YES. STOP HERE. But I am not a lesser person. I picked the caramel out and proceeded. There were crunchy caramel bits in the batter but I didn’t taste them in the cookies.

The recipe is easy once you make the conversions. I like the fact that you MELT the butter. I’ve never done that with cookies. It was awesome. Here’s the doughy mush in the bowl:


Put it in 1/4 cup scoops on to your Silpat:


Then bake for 10 to 12 minutes. Smells great. Take them out. Then this instruction was kind of nutty: after one minute, put them on a cooling rack. Well after one minute, they’re still a goppy mess. And this is what resulted on my cooling rack:


Ok, you can’t really see, but the cookies got folded over and mushed up and destroyed. So I left the others on the baking sheet and came back 20 minutes later and ate one.

Heaven! Honestly, this is the cookie. This is my soulmate. Crunchy on the outside (but not crunchy in the Chips Ahoy sense; crunchy in that there’s a snap to it when you bite in) and soft and delectable on the inside. To quote the spoonful of sugar lady: like a truffle. Yes, like a chocolate chip cookie truffle on the inside. Trust this recipe. Love this recipe. It is your soulmate.

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