Party Planning Day 2: Pan-Fried Onion Dip

There are three parts to every cooking experience:

1. The planning.

2. The cooking.

3. The result.

It is during the planning stages (1) that you anticipate the result (3). During my planning stages (1) for the Pan-Fried Onion dip (see title) I expected that it would come out tasty. In fact, the actual result (3) far surpassed my expectations during (1). Thus 3 > 1.

But first (2). The cooking. I took two onions, I sliced them, and then caramelized them in oil and butter using The Barefoot Contessa’s recipe. (I’m not going to share this recipe because I shared the other two and I feel like that’s generous enough. This poor Contessa’s gotta live, damn it! How else can she make payments on her BMW and her Hamptons estate?)

Here’s the onions cooking:


[Hey, that worked! I was able to make the picture bigger by typing width=400 after entering the rest… thanks Andrea T and everyone else who offered their help on this matter!]

The onions were cooked with salt, pepper, and cayenne pepper. After 30 minutes, I let them cool and then added them to the electric mixer with cream cheese, mayonnaise and sour cream. (Those last 3 products form the basis of many Barefoot Contessa dips.) Their union is miraculous. Behold the pan-fried onion dip:


It’s salty, creamy, a little sweet and it has a nice little kick. It’s a winning dip. Which dip will be gone the quickest? Your choices are: pan-fried onion, hummus, eggplant spread, sun-dried tomato, and guacamole. Place your bets now!

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