The Return of the Breast Cupcake

My average number of hits per day is 2281.13 (according to Typepad). Then today I noticed what some might call a huge surge: 34,440. To quote Joey Lawrence: “Whoah.”

Why the sudden influx? The answer is simple:


It’s been one year since I made my infamous Janet Jackson breast cupcake, and now they’re being promoted for this year’s Superbowl. By whom?

Well for starters: Apprently this site is huge—it was profiled last week in The New Yorker. I’m very flattered to be grouped in with eclectic HotLinks such as How To Make a Grape Explode and Seriously Fucked Up Spiders. It makes me feel like a kid again.

Even more exciting, though, is the link featured on Dave Barry’s blog. Whoah! I love Dave Barry. That’s very exciting. Although the comments are pretty harsh. For example:

“I think he did a very poor job on that cupcake. I mean, for starters, the nipple shield frosting isn’t even metallic. And I bet it doesn’t even taste like a boob!”


“It don’t even look close.”

Points taken. But clearly if I were hit by a bus today, this would be the greatest thing I am known for. The man behind the breast cupcake. I can live (or not live, as the case may be) with that.

[P.S. I don’t follow sports, but if the Superbowl truly is approaching why not make these breast cupcakes? If you do make them, send me a picture of you and the cupcakes and I’ll maybe feature them on the blog. Happy breast baking!]

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