Kuchie Kuchie Kuchen: Blueberry Apple Kuchen from French Laundry

Simple is often used pejoratively. “He’s so simple,” for example. Or: “You have a simple on your face.” Simple makes for bad feelings.

But, frequently when it comes to cooking, simple is best. A few fresh ingredients assembled wisely can yield great success. Such is the case with Thomas Keller’s kuchen. (“Whachyu talkin’ about my kuchen?” Thomas yells angrily.)

Now normally I am incredibly generous and I share recipes with you. As it happens, I’ve done some research on the matter. Recipes are uncopyrightable—only the language used to describe the recipe is copyrightable. Therefore, I am pretty safe when I share recipes with you as long as I don’t do it too much from one single cookbook and I change the words around. But, alas, it’s late tonight and I have much more posting to do. So if 5 of you request the recipe for this I will share it. Otherwise, buy the French Laundry cookbook!

Honestly, it’s crazy easy. You just make this batter with sugar, butter, flour, nutmeg, and milk and pour it into a cakepan. Then you peel two or three apples:


And put them around the border like spokes in a wheel, and fill the center with blueberries:


Bake at 350 for 40 – 50 minutes and look at this prettiness:


I mean honestly, people.

As for taste?


Fantastic. Not too sweet, not too not sweet. Just simple and perfect. [Although, it’s much better hot out of the oven than the next day in the fridge. And may taste even better with Tommy’s recommended cream sauce. Lisa whined that she wanted cream sauce. But she also arranged the apples and blueberries, so we’ll keep her as a friend). And that’s what we call kuchen.

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