We Eat Chinatown

As you may have noticed, tonight featured a large array of new posts. That’s because I start school again tomorrow and things may get crazy. I won’t neglect you, no, but I won’t be able to spoil you like I have these past few weeks. So as a final capper on five weeks of fun, here’s another exciting movie for your enjoyment. It features myself, my friend John and Lisa who you know and love. In it we conquer that most exotic of New York foodie destinations: Chinatown. (We considered throwing in Roman Polanski “Chinatown” humor (“It’s a dumpling! It’s a won-ton! It’s a dumpling! It’s a won-ton! It’s a dumpling AND a won-ton!”) but decided against it…maybe for the best!) Anyway, here we go: Lisa and John starring in “We Eat Chinatown.”

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