Secret Cookbook Santa Sign-Up


‘Tis the season to be jolly and there’s no jolly without eating and there’s no eating without cookbooks. Hence my idea for the first ever (as far as I know) internet-wide literary-food-gift-exchange program entitled THE AMATEUR GOURMET’S SECRET COOKBOOK SANTA. (All caps adds to the festivity.)

With the help of Andrea, our Amateur Gourmet survivor champ, we will spread the joy of cooking across continents and into your mailboxes. Here’s how it works:

(1) Sign up in the comments below. List three cookbooks that you’d really like and three cookbooks that you’d rather not get because you already have them. (NOTE: There is no guarantee that you will get a cookbook you put on your list, but it may help your secret santa narrow the playing field. Also, I should say here, there is no guarantee that you will even get a cookbook! Someone will get your address but who knows if they’re evil or not? Maybe they won’t send you anything and simply reap the benefits of being a Secret Cookbook Santa. I can’t protect you from the evil in the world, dear reader. Let’s just put our faith in humanity and hope for the best. OK?)

(2) When we hit 100 sign-ups, that’s it. Andrea has a child, you know. Maybe if there’s interest beyond the initial 100 another food blogger can take over for the next 100.

(3) Once you have signed up, send an e-mail with your address (or mailing information) to If you sign up in the comments with a different name than the one in your e-mail, make sure to link the two so your Secret Santa knows who you are and can see the cookbooks you like, etc etc.

(4) Pretty soon you will receive an e-mail from Andrea telling you who to send a cookbook to. Please send it so it arrives before Christmas because that would just make sense. If you’re Jewish and you want your cookbook before Hannukah, you are being ridiculous: Hannukah is in like 5 days. If you are an international person you can participate, but you will be expected to send your cookbook internationally. If you are national (as in you live in America) you will only have to send a cookbook within the contiguous United States and maybe Guam if anyone reading this site lives in Guam.

And that’s it, basically. I think we’ve covered all our bases. If this sounds too complicated, all you really have to do is (1) sign up in the comments and (2) send an e-mail to with your address. We’ll stop at 100.

Hope this has you fah lah lah lah lah-ing all the way to the stove. Enjoy!


The Amateur Gourmet Elf

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