This gingerbread sucks.

This gingerbread sucks.


Let me tell you why it sucks:

Boiling water.

I got the recipe from the side of my molasses. I was looking at my molasses (as most people do in their kitchens by themselves on Saturday nights) and I decided to make the jar’s recipe for gingerbread. Everything about it sounded delicious. Except the boiling water.

So you cream the butter with sugar and molasses; you add an egg; then you add that glorious mixture of flour, ginger, cinnamon, and ground cloves. At that point you think to yourself, “Wow, self, what nice bread this will make.” But the recipe has you add a cup of boiling water. Then it turns into watery gunk.

And by the picture you can tell it baked up fine. That’s not the issue. It’s just so aerated. The flavor is so dissipated. It tastes like Ginger Wonder Bread.

May I suggest that when your molasses tells you to add boiling water to your batter that you don’t. Sometimes molasses is just wrong.

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