From Mocha to Latte

I’ve always been a big fan of the desserty Starbucks drinks. My usual hot drink–the White Chocolate Mocha–has kept my insides warm and cozy for the past couple of years. The effect on my wallet has been sharp but not devastating.

In New York, it is devastating. Tall White Chocolate Mochas now cost (including tax) $4.15. That means for a small cup of milk with a hit of espresso and a few pushes of syrup you must pay almost $5. That is outrageous.

Now this may not just be a New York thing–I know there was a Starbucks price hike recently. If that’s the case, then the Starbucks Corporation has no other corpororate purpose than to MAKE MONEY off its now sweet-drink addicted consumer. What’s that you say? DUH? Well DUH yourself–I miss my White Chocolate Mocha.

My new drink is the Vanilla Latte. Tall. It costs $3ish. If you judge sophistication based on the lack of overpowering sweetness, then this drink is more sophisticated than my former drink. And cheaper. My wallet hurts a bit less. But the child in me (I eat children) just wants his White Chocolate Mocha and doesn’t want to pay a small fortune for it. (Inversely, the Jenny Craig in me says, “Adam, the Vanilla Latte is less fatty than the White Chocolate Mocha–no whipped cream.”)

So if I get skinny, beautiful and rich, I think I’ll have Starbucks to thank.

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