The Amy Sedaris Cupcake

Amy Sedaris is many things: comedienne, David Letterman regular, David Sedaris sister, Jerry Blank (“Strangers with Candy”), “Wigfield” author, J. Lo co-star (see “Maid in Manhattan.”) She is also a cupcake purveyor.

She purveys her cupcakes at Joe’s coffee shop in Greenwich Village where I went, the other day, to work on a play. I knew that they supposedly sold her cupcakes there, but the few times I’d gone I didn’t see them. Then, as I was working, the door flung open and Amy Sedaris walked in. She was carrying a tray of cupcakes.

“These are new,” she told the people who work there, “try to get some feedback if you can.” Then she played with some of the coffee mugs, watched them put the cupcakes in the display case and left. Those who recognized her (there were a few) were courteous enough to leave her alone. I gawked for a moment then returned to my play. When she left, I bought a cupcake to go and took it home. Here it is:


First of all: love the ballerina. I plan to put it somewhere notable in my kitchen. Atop the fridge?

Second of all: the cupcake was delicious. Coconut topping, buttercream frosting, and vanilla cupcake. What’s not to love? Oh and Amy Sedaris made it. Her fingers were in the batter that made the cupcake that went in my mouth. I’ll never brush my teeth again!

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