I hate this article.

I hate this article that just came out in the LA Tmes about food blogs. Granted, I probably hate it because it doesn’t mention me, but that aside I hate what it says about food blogs and how limited they are. First of all, though I should put my anger on pause and congratulate my food-blogging cohorts on their mentions in the article. Clotilde’s in there, as is The Food Section and I’m glad this article gave them the exposure they deserve. But that said, I hate this paragraph:

“When a good writer chronicles his life, it is art. When an amateur feels the need to chronicle his life by listing what he made or ate for dinner each night, often the best that can be said is that it’s touching. In the world of food blogs, you may be touched and find some great recipes in the bargain.”

I just so disagree with that. That’s what I call limited vision. I’d like to quote Nabokov for you now: (after this colon was typed, I proceded to flip through “Speak, Memory” for 10 minutes trying to find the quote I want to quote and failed miserably so I will now make the quite up from my own memory): “Art makes big things small and small things big.”

Food is small. Writing about food makes it big. If a good writer writes about food, that’s art. If a good writer chronicles his life, that’s a journal.

Thank you.

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