Curry My Cous-Cous

Not sure if I’ve mentioned this yet, but I love the Barefoot Contessa.

Ok, I am sure I’ve mentioned that—one of the sites that links to me writes “Barefoot Contessa worship” in its description of what I do. That may be true. The shrine to Ina Garten dominates my living room and prayers take extra long at night thanking her for every recipe of hers that proved to be a success. (She still hasn’t answered my prayer for a time share in the Hamptons.)

(Actually, this is a good time to parenthetically mention that my parents and I trekked out to the Hamptons last week where I intended to make a pilgrimage to the Barefoot Contessa store. Alas, it is there no longer—my mom found out that she sold the store and now does a mail-order only business. Needless to say, I was heartbroken.)

One of my favorite Barefoot Contessa recipes is her recipe for Curried Cous-Cous salad. It’s wildly easy, really. I’m sure the recipe is on the foodtv site so I’m not going to type it out here. But I think you’ll see how easy it is as I describe it.

Basically, you buy some cous-cous. You put the cous-cous in a bowl. Your boil some water, add some butter to the water, then add it to the cous-cous. Cover for five minutes:


That’s all the cooking you do. After that, you fluff the cous-cous with a fork and then make the dressing.

The dressing is way easy too: plain yogurt, olive oil, curry, tumeric, salt, pepper.


Pour the dressing over the cous-cous, fluff more with a fork and then go chop your veggies.

(Another sidebar: lately I’ve broken out a bit. Some may say this is due to stress. Others may say it’s due to the weather. The woman at the Kiehl’s store in SoHo said it’s due to poor diet. “You need to eat more vegetables and drink lots and lots of water. Oh, and buy our products.”)

The veggies for our curried cous-cous salad are diverse and delicious: carrots, onions, scallions, and parsley. There’s also dried currants and almonds. I’ve never bought dried currants before but they are scrumptious. Like raisins except smaller and tart-er. Here’s our finished product:


Looks delicious, no? And there’s so much of it. Enough to feed me for several meals. And that’s the other thing I love about the Barefoot Contessa: her recipes yield large results that you can keep on eating and eating and eating…

Sort of like Jesus with the loaves and fishes. Wait a second? Could Ina Garten be the second coming? (Or, if we go by my Jewish belief system: the first coming?)

Nah. If God lives in the Hamptons we’re all in trouble.

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