The Woman Outside of Whole Foods and the Pink Flyer

Today I went for the first time to the Chelsea Whole Foods. It completely blew me away. It was gigantic and everything was so plentiful. Rows upon rows of fruits and veggies and a salad bar way more diverse than anything I’ve seen in the other Whole Foods I’ve visited. I’ll be there a lot.

Upon leaving, a woman handed me a pink flyer. Usually I ignore flyers, regardless of whether or not they’re pink, but the woman was forceful. Anyway, the flyer was relevant to the subject at hand. The title says: “The Whole Truth…At Whole Foods…”

I will reproduce some of its content here:

“Worker’s Wages and Benefits Don’t Climb As Fast as Company Profits

While Whole Foods continues to see huge increases in profits, same store sales and the value of its stock, workers complain that raises and benefits do not keep pace.

Whole Foods is clearly growing at a phenomenal rate of speed and accumulating millions in profits. As usual, this is done off the backs of its workers.

Workers continue to have no idea when their next raise will be or if they will get one. Meanwhile, workers at nearby D’Agostinos and Gristedes know exactly how much of a raise they will get every year, usually twice a year.

Whole Foods continues to claim their workers are the best compensated in the industry but continue to refuse to submit their wages and benefits package to a neutral party and have them compared against the UFCW Local 1500 Contract in Fairway or other Local 1500 represented supermarkets.

[Blah blah blah….]

Union Seeks Response From Whole Foods to Put Up or Shut Up, Customers Asked to get involved!

Eh. I’m not terribly moved. So the crux is they get no raises? Why not go work for Gristede’s then? The employees I dealt with inside seemed pretty happy. Also “put up or shut up” doesn’t really make sense: why would Whole Foods shut up? They’re not saying anything.

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