The Farewell Atlanta Dinner

Tomorrow is my last day in Atlanta (sniff/sniff) and so tonight I hired a bunch of actors to play my friends and to join me at my well-thought-out final Atlanta dining spot. (Well I suppose tomorrow night’s dinner will be my final Atlanta dining spot, but you get the idea). To be honest, I didn’t have to rack my brain too hard: The Flying Biscuit was the obvious choice.


Sentimentally speaking, The Flying Biscuit has me by the, well, biscuits. I’ve been going there since my freshman year of college (all seven years ago) and each time I go I get excited. I’ve gone for special occassions (birthdays), non-special occassions (weeknight dinners), dates, parties, and national political conventions. The Flying Biscuit is emblematic of my seven-year Atlanta experience.

Tonight we were celebrating me and in attendance were some of Atlanta’s finest and brightest. There were these people:


These people:


And these people:


I wish I knew their names, but they were awfully nice to let me sit with them. Heck, they even bought me dinner!

I will miss this salad and of course the biscuit:


I will not necessarily miss the catfish served on cheddar cheese grits with a raspberry onion topping:


Mostly, though, I’ll miss Atlanta. I think Atlanta is a marvelous city, full of wonderful people, great scenery, charm and (yes, dammit) culture. I’ve cherished my time here and will look back on it fondly for years to come. It was in Atlanta that I became the person you know and love today and for that, I’ll be forever grateful. You are the wind beneath my wings, Atlanta. You’re the father I never had. Ain’t no mountain high enough, to keep me from you.

In conclusion, this is my last Atlanta post. Savor it, cherish it, put it in your pocket. The next time you hear from me, I’ll be a New York resident! That may be in a few days, so until then, keep your forks aloft and your palates soft! Your palates soft? Hasta a Neuva York!

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