The Amateur Gourmet’s Crazy Food Network Marathon


The Food Network is what got me hooked on food to begin with. Before the Food Network, I can’t even say that I gave food more than a passing thought. My allegiance┬álies with Sarah Moulton whose maternal whimsy made cooking seem an easy worthwhile prospect; I watched her show “Cooking Live” loyally every night at 7 pm until it was yanked from that slot in favor of Atlon Brown (who I like) and Mark Summers Unwrapped (which I hate). Since then, “Molto Mario” (another favorite Food Network show) is conspicuously missing from the 5:30 slot while Emeril Lagasse and Rachel Ray (thunderclap) take over the network. Something’s rotten in the state of Denmark and I’m going to do something about it.

So today (it’s 12:35 am, so we’re talking Tuesday) beginning at 9:30 am when “Paid Programming” goes off the air, I will watch the Food Network non-stop and blog a review of every show I see. How long will I do this? 12 hours is my pledge. I am doing this for you, the consumer, protecting you from the tyranny of bad programming. Plus, my car’s in Florida and I have more packing to do. Will I survive such a formidable task? Or will I implode quicker than “Dweezil & Lisa”? Stay tuned.

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