New AG Headquarters

No, I didn’t cook for you tonight, I’m afraid. Instead, though, I built a desk. Look:


Today involved much walking. First a walk to Bed, Bath and Beyond (where I saw Kyan from Queer Eye; shouldn’t he be shopping for hair products?), then The Container Store, Staples and The Door Store all on a quest for desk. No dice.

Luckily, I came back and used the wonderful resource that is the internet and found A.I. Friedman, only 9 blocks away. There I found a glass-topped desk that could be delivered within hours. Perfect!

So instead of souffle, I present to you my new base of operations:


Smashing, no? Smashable too. Please don’t smash my desk, it’s glass. Unless you want to get married. I am Jewish, after all.

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