Picture it. You’re moving to New York on Friday. The moving company is coming Tuesday. You spend all weekend packing, sorting, organizing. Then Monday (today) you get a phonecall.

“Hi, Adam? This is East Coast Moving Systems. I’m afraid we’re having technical problems and we’re not going to be able to move you from Atlanta to New York after all. We’re sorry.”

This is exactly what happened to me today and I’m still reeling from it. Never before have I been so pissed off at a company. And apparently, I’m not the first. I just did a Google search on them and all these hits come up with titles like “moving scam and crooks. I wish I’d done that search sooner.

Having just studied for the bar, I know that we had a contract (we gave a $$ deposit) and that they breached it and that my damages are whatever it costs to find a replacement. However, finding a replacement on such short notice is a killer proposition. Summer is peak moving season, and August is the peak of that peak. Luckily–by some miracle–I was able to find what seems like a reliable company, Atlanta Shipping, and the guy seems like a swell guy. They’re coming Wednesday for my stuff and it will be up there next week.

Meanwhile, I spoke to my friend Andrew tonight who also used East Coast Moving Systems and he got screwed in his own unique way. They picked up his stuff last week and told him it would get there the next week. Then they called him a few days ago and said the stuff would arrive Sunday. Andrew wasn’t scheduled to get to New York until Monday. So he changed his ticket and flew up on Sunday morning and when Sunday afternoon came around, they never showed. He called the driver and he was in South Carolina, not anywhere near New York. Suffice it to say, Andrew was really pissed off. Plus, now they called today to tell him they lost his cashier’s check and he needs to cancel it and write another one when they deliver. This company is ultra-sketchy.

I know this is a food blog, and moving companies are very much off topic. But perhaps this warning will justify the post: never EVER under any circumstances use East Coast Moving Systems or you’ll find yourself in a rotten moldy pickle.

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