Kitchen Closure

Moving is a beyond stressful experience. Sure, my stress was amplified by the villainy of East Coast Moving Systems (which, if you missed that post, cancelled on me the day before they were supposed to move me); but just the process of going through every drawer, every cabinet and every pantry can be excruciating. Even worse, when I reached the third shelf of my side of the pantry I noticed that everything was sticky; then I noticed a giant pool of honey on the ground. Yes, honey had exploded in my pantry. Moving sucks.

Anyway, when I finally finished the kitchen yesterday I was left with a mountain of perishables I couldn’t take with me. What would I do with these perishables? Josh and Katy to the rescue…


Look at all the free stuff they got: fountains of flour, oodles of oils, three bottles of chili powder. Yes, one of the things I noticed cleaning out my pantry was how frequently I re-bought things I already had. That’s what happens when you bury things so deeply, like repressed memories: they come back to haunt you.

When Josh and Katy left, all that remained was my table of kitchen equipment:


It’s amazing how much kitchen equipment I’ve accumulated in the past few years. Did you know I had an indoor grill from William Sonoma? Neither did I! And of course the KitchenAid Mixer, the food processor, the ice cream maker. My movers were thrilled with the abundance of items to be packaged and boxed; it was quite the show. Let’s hope everything gets there in one piece.

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