Food Network Maraton: 12:30-1, How To Boil Water


More with Tyler Florence and a perky co-host who reminds me of Reese Witherspoon in Election.

This woman is such a spazz. They’re making Teriyaki chicken wings and while making the sauce, Tyler asks her to add the brown sugar. She opens the box and begins shaking and the entire BAG falls into the pot. The woman yelps and Tyler says, “It must be really humid in here today.” Huh?

Anyway, this show is painless and innocuous. Tyler, the producers must feel, needs a foil but I disagree. Unlike Bobby Flay, I think he can anchor his own show. Let’s hang Ms. Perky out to dry. Actually, Tyler’s kind of funny when she does stupid things. She just said: “Exsqueeze me,” as she squeezed by him. The pain in Tyler’s face was worth the price of admission.

Ha, actually this show is getting funny. I like how hostile Tyler is. The chicken wings came out of the oven and he wants her to toss them in the sauce. She shifts them around with the tongs. “Can you toss them?” presses Tyler, “Like from the bottom?” You can taste the tension.

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