Accidental Carb-Bomb Pizza

First of all, the title of this post is incredibly clever. Carb-bomb, get it? Like car-bomb? I could have spelled it CarbOmb but I thought that might be confusing. Might that have been confusing?

Anyway, tonight I was finishing the finishing touches on my bookshelf and I decided to scurry out for pizza. “Two slices,” I said to the counterman, pointing to what looked like normal pizza. He nodded and shoved two slices into the oven.

After I paid and they yelled out “two slices!” I went to pick it up and put it on the table. As I was adjusting my straw, a man sitting next to me said: “What is that on your pizza?”

I looked down:


There was pasta on my pizza!

“Pasta,” I said to the man. “There’s pasta on my pizza.”

“That’s what it looked like,” he responded, contented.

I stared down. “That’s a lot of carbs,” I said outloud. The man ignored me.

The pizza, for the record, was tasty—but one slice would have been sufficient. Halfway through the second slice, I was fuller than I wanted to be. And I had pie waiting.

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